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Theatre For Families

Blending original stories, poetry, humor, music, and dance, the theatre for families I co-created for Bad Habit Productions were joyful and thoughtful collaborations with the actors and designers on the team. Each piece was shaped into a world revolving around a theme. Moments were created in each show to invite the audience members (big and small) to participate.

O Ship! Aboard the Ship!  Took us on the travels of cast members and explored the themes of adventure and the beauty of our earth.  Children chose the directions on the compass to decide the order of the tales.  Pictured are Maria Jan Carreon and Marc Pierre. Photo credit Paul Cantillon.

O Happy Port! took friends on a madcap adventure through Boston, appreciating its landscape today and the people who shaped our city along the way. Kids joined us in blowing bubbles in the Public Garden and learning bike safety signals! Pictured are Alex Portenko and Dani Berkowitz.  Photo credit Paul Cantillon.

Curtain Up!  was a love letter to theatre.  With scenes like "Lauren's Quick Change Dream Ballet," the stage management team often became the star of the show. A single scene was repeated with different design elements to show their importance in shaping a piece of theatre. Pictured are (on the left) Andy Cataluna in the Stage Management booth, Evan Vihlen, and Lauren Annese our ASM and (on the right) Evan Vihlen, Cristina Dones, Lauren Annese in costume, and Meg O'Brien. Photo credit Earl Christie.

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